Cosima Roessler

5th Period

Dawes Act

Dawes Act, also known as General Allotment Act or Dawes Severalty Act of 1887, was added by the Congress at 1887. It allowed the President of the United States to use American Indian there own land and separate it into allotments for individual Indians.

It took a lot of land from the Indian Americans, that was unfair.

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Transcontinental RR

A transcontinental railroad is a network near by of railroad trackage the crosses a continental land with the end at different continental borders.

It was good for America because it was a better possibility to treval or bring for example raw materials.

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Sherman Antitrust Act

A federal law in 1890 that obligate the American government to fight again monopolies. The law said no to contracts, combinations, or conspiracies "in the restraint of trade or commerce."

It made it impossible to have contact with "The restraint of trade or commerce".

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AFL/Samuel Gompers

Samuel Gompers founded the American Federation of Labor (AFL), and spreaded it as the organization's pesident from 1886 to 1894 and from 1895 to 1924.He supported harmony among the different craft unions that comprised the AFL, trying to minimize jurisdictional battled.

The American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organization, two groups that merged in 1955 to become the largest union in the United States.

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Americanization is the process of an immigrant to the United States of America becomming as person who share American values, beliefs and customs and is fit in the American society.

It was good for the Immigrants to lern more to fitin the american life.

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Nativism is the strategy of protecting the interests of netive-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants.

This was not good for the Immigrants. The could not feel home in America.

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Political Machines/Boss Tweed

Political Machines were organized groups of not honest politicans who had two main goals. "get the group's own candidates elect to all of the top jobs in the city government" and "once in control of the city government, use that power to make the leader of the organization rich".

The leader in a political machine was called a 'City Boss'.

They were pretty bad, because they just took money and kept it for themselfes without helping other people.

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Chinese Exclusion Act

The Chinese Exclusion Act was one of the most significant restrictions on free immigration in the U.s. history, stop all immigration of Chinese leborers.

America shoul take more immigrants. The country is really big so the don't need to be picky.

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Muckraker were crusading journalists, photographs and authors who published their work in order to raise awareness of social issues and unfairness.

Famous Muckraker were:

Jacob Riis (1849-1914), the city editor of the New York Trivute, author and photographer publishes "How the other half lives" in 1890 graphically describing the squalor of the New York slums.

"A MOdern Chronicle" was a best-selling novel by American wirter Winston Shurchill in 1910 expploring "the problem of modern women" and the effects iv divorce, in a world driven by industrialization and business competition.

David Graham Philips exposed political issues in his book "The plum tree" and showed the corruption power of money in "the second generation" and wrote "The treanson of the state" articles in Cosmopolitan.

They tried to figuer everything out especially the bad news from the government and published them. That was kind of good so the nation can read what was gping on without lies.

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Robert La Follette

He was an American Republican politician. He served as a member o fthe U.S. House of Reoredentatives, was the Govenor of Wisconsin, and was a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin from 1906 to 1925.
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