Just like in the heart of new York Greenwich was rarely Quiet but on this day something was off. The people didn't expect to be living next to a killer, but they were the whole time. A injured neighbor was getting restless so he started looking at his neighbors and what there Daily life consisted of. Never did he suspect that he would be spying on a murder. He did his research since he was not able to get up and go investigate himself he got Lisa Carol Fremont to go over there and look around his house.view The reason LB suspected Mr Thorwald of murdering his wife is because he saw them arguing then he saw what looked like Mr thorwald choking his wife. He wasn't positive because the lights were off in his house. So he and Mrs Lisa proceeded to gather evidence throughout the week they where watching his every move until one day one of the other neighbor's dog was dead, He had been strangled. No one knew what had happened but LB had a hunch that Mr thorwald had buried something in the garden and the dog had found it and might dig it up. So he strangles the dog to try and save himself from getting caught, He also ends up digging whatever is buried there and moves it. Eventually he finds our that LB and Mrs Lisa are on to him. Mrs lisa breaks into his apartment to gather evidence and gets arrested. Mr thorwald comes to LB's room and tries to kill him but the police arrive just in time and save LB and Mr thorwald confessed to the murder of his wife.