About the South Carolina Explorers

Lucas Capitan 3b

Jean Rebault

  1. Jean came from France.
  2. Jean was the first one to be nice the the native of American.
  3. He was competing with Spain.
  4. He wanted more land.
  5. He explored port-royal,s.c.,Florida.
  6. He accomplished building Charles fort.
  7. He wanted to build a village.

William Hilton

  1. William came from England.
  2. He wanted a good place to live and grow crops.
  3. He wanted a plantation.
  4. He explored Hilton-Head Island s.c.
  5. He found a nice place to live and grow crops

Juan Pardo

  1. Juan came form Spain.
  2. He claimed new land.
  3. He wanted to trade.
  4. He wanted gold and silver.
  5. He accomplished destroying Charles-fort.
  6. He wanted to build Santa Elena.