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All Things Fifth Grade!

- Upcoming Dates -

February 5th: PTO's Trempealeau Twist

February 12th: Classroom Valentine's Party

February 16th: STAR Math Test at 8:00 am

February 17th: Field Trip- Viterbo Play

February 18th: Bruce Mound

February 19th: No School

February 23rd: STAR Reading Test at 8:00 am

Fall in Love with your Public Libarary

February 6 marks the fifth annual Take Your Child to the Library Day.

Libraries are GREAT resources for families; you can find books, entertainment, educational and cultural enrichment, literacy tips, and other valuable information.

Top 10 Reasons to go visit:

1. Free programs and activities

2. Story times

3. Workshops

4. Books!!!!!!!!!

5. Audiobooks

6. Movies

7. Music

8. Magazines

9. Computers

10. Makerspaces - STEM activities

Bookish News

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Writer's Workshop


  • What makes a memoir?
  • Interpreting the comings and goings of life
  • Investigating and planning our own memoirs

Mentor Texts: Eleven and Quietly Struggling


Unit 2 - Variables

Investigation 2: Plane Sense

  • Engineer a small model-plane
  • Observe and compare the characteristics of model-plan flight
  • Identify variables that might affect the flight


Unit 6: Concepts of Volume

  • Understand what volume is
  • Relate volume to multiplication and additions

Reader's Workshop

Interpretation Book Clubs

  • Setting ambitious reading goals
  • Writing about reading
  • Learning to think analytically