Voyager missions 1&2

Exploring the Edge of the Solar System

The Voyager program

In 1977 two unmanned space probes took off on a mission to study Jupiter and Saturn however the extended journey would see them travel towards the edge of the solar system.

These probes were built in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. It was launched at Kennedy Space Centre, Cape Canaveral Florida.

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Voyager 1

  • Speed: 57,000km/h
  • Launch: 5 September 1977
  • Jupiter flyby: 5 March 1979
  • Saturn flyby: 12 November 1980
  • Most distant spacecraft achievement:17 February 1998

Voyager 2

  • Speed: 50,000km/ h
  • Launch: 20 August 1977
  • Jupiter flyby: 9 July1979
  • Saturn flyby: 26 August 1981
  • Uranus flyby: 24 January 1986
  • Neptune flyby: 25 August 1989

Some pictures taken by Voyagers

Voyager Goal

The goal for the Voyager missions is to see what is beyond Neptune and the solar system and into instellar space.

Life on Earth

Both Voyagers have 1 gold plated copper audio disk imbedded into the side of the Voyagers body.It shows the life of the people, plants and animals here on Earth.