the unbelivable truth behind

the shocking truth

In our current industrial period its hard to believe that the same people who make our "mans equality laws" think its ok that child labor is spinning out of control at such a rapid rate. these big corporations are taking advantage of our children, forcing them to work long restless hours in factories and in the fields and they receive very little pay. these big factories and corporations are targeting our young ones because they are less likely to rebel or strike due to the unfair pay, treatment and the poor working conditions like older workers have done in the past. and also because these corporations can get away with paying the adolescent workers as cheap as possible.

I urge for you the parents of these children workers to stand up rise against the oppression these corporations are strangling our kids with, stop your children from going to work for such little pay and horrible working conditions. protest for better pay and better working facilities why must your children suffer to make these huge businesses all the money while they suffer every day at work