Come back to Athens!

come to see our Philosophy, Math, Science, Sports, and Etc.

Sports! The Olympic games.

During our

Olympic games Greek men would play naked and without their toga so they could be faster and they wouldn't have cloth getting in the way of the games. The sad thing for women was

woman were not allowed to be in the Olympic Games or watch them. Men would only perform and be able to watch they did these games to find out which man is the strongest.

Don't forget the theater

Did you know that

most acts were played during religious ceremonies banks would be closed people would travel and sometimes prisoners would be let out just to see the play. The 2 different types of plays was Comedy and Tragic.

and in honor of the god of grapes and wine they would drink wine at the plays!

Science and Math!

Greek scientist often found answers in mathematics a scientist known as Pythagoras was fascinated by geometry. The word geometry came from a Greek word meaning “to measure land.”

In science The love of sports for allowed them to notice how the body moved but their study of the body was limited because they couldn't see into a body and they believed cutting a body open would make the gods angry. Over time as the beliefs changed they could tell the different organs such as the heart which pumped blood and the brain the center of the nervous system.