Exploratory Wheel-Computers 6

Monday, April 7, 2014

Keyboarding Practice

One of the goals for sixth graders this year is to learn to type properly. We have worked all year on Typing Web and this is the site that we use for practice and for tests. By this time of year, students should be able to type about 30 words per minute with at least 95% accuracy. Studies show that the more time students spend on typing practice, the more they will improve. Sometimes students become bored with practice when the program they use is not varied. For this reason, I have been sharing additional keyboarding practice sites that I believe your child will enjoy. I encourage all students to continue practicing keyboarding skills over the summer. Try these new activities!

Student Writing Showcase by Camille Aguilar

The Legend of Tchi-Niu

Prompt: What role does the concept of "reward" have in this legend? What kinds of actions are rewarded, and why? Explain what this legend is saying about how people should live their lives.

The concept of reward is that if you do something that is good for others, yourself, or something else you get "rewarded" or given something in return. Some people think that that happens every single time. So, you take out the trash, you get rewarded, you read a book, you rewarded, or you help with dinner, you get rewarded. They think that it’s that simple. In this story a man sells him off to slavery to pay for a grand funeral for his father. That was a very "good' thing to do. Then years later, he got rewarded by having a beautiful wife and child. This legend gives a clue that only the greatest actions should be rewarded. If you take out the trash, sure that’s nice but, big fat red X, you don’t get a reward. If you read a book, hope you liked it, but nope, no reward. But, if you stop global warming, or sell yourself into slavery to pay for your fathers funeral, then hooray, you get a big fat nice reward. So, the story wants you to live a life of great things, a life that would make the world better. The guy in the story didn't think he was going to get rewarded. He thought he had already gotten rewarded by having a great funeral for his father and because he wasn't greedy and wanted reward he got the reward.

Web Picks of the Week....


"Integrate quantitative or technical information expressed in words in a text with a version of that information expressed visually (e.g., in a flowchart, diagram, model, graph, or table)."

Quantitative or technical information can be expressed in words, but it is often more meaningful if there is some type of visual representation, such as a graph, a table, a diagram, or illustration. This Common Core Literacy Standard simply means that a student should learn how to express certain types of information, especially in science and technical (nonfiction) texts in both ways. It also means that students have the ability to understand such information when it is presented both ways in science and technical readings. This lesson will help students practice this standard.