September 2019

Secondary Math Updates

Save the Date: ALEKS and ConnectED PD

Need some support with ALEKS or ConnectED? The Office of Teaching and Learning will be providing PD for both programs.

ALEKS for Beginners

Date: September 11, 2019

Register on PDS with section number 14234

ConnectED for Beginners

Date: September 19, 2019

Register on PDS with section number 14237

Both sessions will be held from 4:00pm-6:00pm at:

Southland Center, 3700 South High Street.

ALEKS / ConnectED Support

Need help with an ALEKS or ConnectED issue? For the quickest support, fill out a short form at the link below:

Updated CCS ALEKS Guide

CCS has its own ALEKS Guide, there to help you add classes, students, assignments, etc. You can access the guide through the Digital Binder or the direct link below:

We can only do the bulk upload once, which we did on August 20. After that, teachers can add students as they enroll in CCS. You can also add more classes, move students from class to class, etc. See the guide for details.

Each building has 2-3 teachers with admin access. This allows them to create new instructor accounts, run building-wide reports, and move students from one teacher to another.

Note: If a student has been working in ALEKS in another CCS school before coming to you, email Steve Hiner to have that student's account moved to your classroom.


This year, we started middle schools in the RTI version of their course. We started high school students in Foundations of HS Math. Teachers can move students into other courses as desired. Use this first course to determine strengths and weaknesses, take the place of a traditional "Boot Camp", etc. Or, just move students right into another course. It's up to you.

Please be very careful to move students into new classes following the steps in the ALEKS guide linked above. If not, courses will not be aligned to Ohio's Learning Standards.

New Courses

Proposing a new course, or adding a course to the course deck? Please make sure you contact the curriculum office to see if materials are available or not. This is important, because you otherwise might not have books available for the course.

Clever and ConnectED

ConnectED is now accessed through Clever for teachers and students. For more information on using Clever, download the PDF below.

NEW: K-12 Design Challenge

For the last few years, we have run a Middle School Design Challenge. It started as a grade 6 activity. Last year it was expanded to include 7th and 8th graders. Today we are pleased to announce that the event is open to all students/teachers in grades K-12.

This year's question: How might you re-imagine mobility in your community to increase your community's happiness / well-being?

Download a flyer below for more info and to sign up. Please contact Jesse Ireland for more details. His email address is

Department Chairs/Liasons

HS Department Chairs and MS Curriculum Liasons will meet at Southland Center, 3700 South High Street. Click below for a flyer with dates and times.

Thanks to Jason Frank for this gem!

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