2014- 2015 Best Practices

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April 2015 Best Practice- Final Exam Communication

I started communicating about the upcoming final exam to stakeholders just before spring break - in news, bulletin board, adobe class chats and course updates. I'm hoping this has helped my students to start reviewing early and perhaps have increased performance on the exam.

March 2015- Advertising Class chats

In an effort to encourage students to attend class chats, I have created weekly announcements to update students. I have included the specific topics that were covered with engaging images. I continue to have a regular group of student participants.
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Jan/Feb. 2015 Outstanding Student Work - Mythology Projects/ Idiom Discussions

In an effort to increase student motivation as well as build a stronger learning community I featured outstanding student work on the mythology 12 Olympian project and the idiom discussion board. After leaving feedback on the project, I asked students to email me and grant me permission to feature their project. This strategy worked well as I received emails from many students for the first time this semester. I also featured my favorite idiom student responses in the News to let students know that I am actively participating and taking an interest in their discussion postings.
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November Best Practice - Final Exam Review Chat

Early in November I started communicating about the upcoming final exam with students. In an effort to encourage students to work collaboratively to study, I created a Final Exam Review Discussion board. I have posted helpful items and sample questions for students to try. Students have posted general questions about the exam and study tips for the class. It is helpful to house all the final exam information in 1 located for consistency. I am happy to say that some students are creating a learning community in the discussion board. I hope more will join in as we get closer to December.
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October Best Teaching Practice

Beginning this October, I started making a weekly classroom smore newsletter (instead just a bi-weekly course update) and embedding it in the classroom bulletin board every Monday. I include weekly announcements, upcoming assignment lists, and general helpful information. This keeps the bulletin board updated weekly as an engaging form of stakeholder communication.
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August and September Best Teaching Practice

Since the beginning of the school year, I have implemented a new feedback strategy. Each graded item now includes a quick reference image that visually supports the skill or standard being addressed in the assessment. My hope is that this will increase student achievement. I shared this example within the Mentee Minute for Teacher Quality.
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