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Week Twelve Update

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Hi Parents,

~ Brrrrrr..... it's getting cold outside! Please remember to send your students with coats, hats, and gloves. They will be going outside for Recess on most days between now and Winter Break!

~ It was a short and busy busy week! See what we've been up to below!

~ Our next Scholastic Book Order is due next Friday. The blue box below is a link to the Scholastic website. You can place your orders either online or by bringing in your order form and a check to school.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Collins


Who thought math could be so fun! Connecting fractions to money and pizza, you can't go wrong. This week we put our great skills about least common denominators, equivalent fractions and multiples to work to help us simplify fractions, change improper fractions to mixed numbers, and then to decimals!

Put your mathematicians to the test and ask them how to say decimals as if they were "precocious"!

We will be taking our Chapter 3 test next week to get it out of the way before Thanksgiving Break!

Think Central- Math in Focus Link

Here you can find the virtual text book, workbook pages, and online tutorials. The log in information is on the first page of your students assignment notebook. Find more information on our classroom website by clicking the "Math in Focus" link.

Math Interventionists Webpage for Helpful Links

This website was created as a resource for you at home to go to look for ideas to help your students.

Reading Workshop

This week we linked Reading Workshop with KidSmarts. We read the book, The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spiries and discussed how the author used feelings and emotions to help her story. We also used the story to help us change the negative things we may think to a more positive one. For example, instead of thinking: "I made a mistake", think "Mistakes help me learn".

This is one of my new favorite books!!

Writing Workshop

We continued to focus on creating well written paragraphs. We used our new tricks to continue working on introductions to our personal narratives.

Students are also working hard to organize their stories before they start typing them up. They made outlines and blocked out their lists into "main ideas" to get a sense of where and when to start new paragraphs, and when to start wrapping it up!

By Friday, we were ready to put our good paragraphing skills to work and write very interesting and loaded paragraphs about the turkeys that were decorated at home. The turkeys and paragraphs will be on display in the hallway next week to see if Greenbriar can match up the turkeys with the appropriate paragraph.


In science lab, the students learned about water pressure. They completed an activity to find if there is a relationship between water pressure and depth under the surface of a body of water. They found the answer to "Does water pressure increase or remain constant as one goes deeper below the surface?"

In class we read about the Energy Pyramid and talked about how each level of consumer and the producers play an important role. They then applied their knowledge by creating a diagram of the pyramid in Google Docs.

Game Day!

The class was rewarded for an exceptional school day by being allowed to play games on Friday. Everyone used their KidSmarts skills to make sure everyone was included, having fun, and playing fairly. They did a great job and it was fun to see them engaged in a new way. We had a blast and learned so much about each other just by playing our favorite games!

Ask your Student about:

  • Game Day!
  • Google Docs
  • Our read aloud, Ungifted
  • "Today in History"
  • Their favorite quote of the day
Homework Webpage

If you were out, forgot to write something down, or wanted to double check- here is the link to our Homework Webpage.

Rebecca Caudill List 2015

2015 Master List Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award Illinois Children's Choice Award

Genre Chart

Click here a copy of our 40 Book checklist. The number next to each genre is about how many books in that genre that your student should read to get to their goal of 40 books this year!

Things to come:

  • Friday, November 21st: End of the trimester
  • November 24-28: No School- Thanksgiving Break