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Week at a Glance:

K-3rd mClass window (January 5-27)

4th-5th Benchmark window (now-January 29)

January 18:

MLK, Jr. Holiday- No School

January 19:

Optional Teacher Workday

*8 hour instructional assistants must work or take leave

January 20:

Resource PLC (7:30)

Principal's Meeting

Unicycle Performance at Owen High School

Mid-Year PDP's Due from Certified Staff

mClass Data Mining Session at CO for Special Education Staff

January 21:

Curriculum Leadership Team (11:40)

SIT (3:00)

January 22:

4th and 5th Grade One-to-One Devices are Here!

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Unicycle Schedule:

Jan 15 - Reynolds High School

Jan 29 - Owen High School

Feb 13 - Warren Wilson College

March 5 - SOCON tournament - AVL Civic Center

Number Talks: Increasing Student Discourse and Mathematical Reasoning

Number Talks are spreading at Fairview. Christen and Meg got each 4th grade teacher a copy of "Making Number Talks Matter" for Upper Elementary and Middle School and they are implementing them in their math routines. Last week, Meg led each 4th grade classroom through their first Number Talk and they debriefed about strategies students were using and how to move them forward in their conceptual understanding. Marta came to Mrs. James' room next week to lead 2nd graders through a number talk and Christen is leading one in several 3rd grade classrooms. Number talks are a great routine to build into your weekly math plans. Please let Christen know if your grade level is interested in talking more about number talks and how they can strengthen student mathematical understanding.

Playground Update

Thank to our wonderful volunteers from the Garden Spot and REACH, as well as individuals and families, who came out last Saturday to install safety fencing and fill in gravel around our new pathways! Unfortunately, it looks like we will have to wait for our students to have access to the new space. Updates will continue to be in the flyer. The wait will be well worth it when our space becomes the "Field of Dreams". In the meantime, if you have any playtime suggestions, please email them to Mrs. Reed. Thank you for your continued patience! Good things take time...

PBIS Corner: Cafeteria Procedures and General Updates

  • The PBIS team is working hard to improve cafeteria behavior. Starting Wednesday, January 20, each teacher should line up his or her own students. The instructional assistant who supervises the class will make sure students have disposed of all trash before the lunch period has ended. It is the hope of the PBIS team that this will decrease the noise level and misbehavior in the cafeteria, specifically while students are in line.
  • Instructional assistants who supervise students at lunch should give out at least 5 tickets per class. Assistants will also receive a reward for each ticket drawn that he or she gave out.
  • Teachers, please remember to send your RISE clipboard to the cafeteria each day.
  • If your class has a bathroom break in the bathrooms at the end of the red or green hallway, please be aware of the noise level and do your best to keep things quiet so it doesn't impact the learning of others. Thank you!

News You Can Use:

Teachers, if you have any students in your classroom who you think are good candidates for retention, please email Mrs. Reed by February 15.

Positive Psychology: Week 2 of 3

The field of Positive Psychology provides a framework for the four domains of the 'psychological good life'. These domains include positive subjective experiences (happiness, fulfillment, flow etc), positive individual traits (character, interests, values), positive relationships and positive groups and institutions (families, schools, businesses etc).

Working with children within a school provides us with special opportunities to contribute to both the levels of happiness and resiliency of children, and to help buffer them and work within the area of prevention. Building these four domains helps to prevent against unhappiness and even against mental illness (as cited by Martin Seligman, one of the leading researchers of Positive Psychology).

How can we do this? We easily have a hand in three of the four domains: we can encourage and identify positive individual traits in our students. Everyone has strengths - we are in a unique position to work with children day after day and to help students discover their strengths. We also play a big role in the positive relationship domain. We can build positive relationships with our students and help them to build positive relationships with classmates and peers.

Finally, as a school - an institution - we can ensure a positive and loving atmosphere. We are so fortunate to have a hand in three out of the four domains of the 'psychological good life' and that we have such opportunities to help and enrich our students.

Thanks to Amanda Herbert for this series of contributions!

Thanks to our Intervention Team for a great EdCamp yesterday and for the wonderful participation of our staff! What a great TEAM!

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