Our Class News

December 18, 2014

This Week

We've had a several kids out with fever, sick to stomach and/or the flu just FYI.

This week we finished our Christmas around the World travels. Ask your child to tell you about all the things in their "suitcase." They really enjoyed these activities.

We continued to learn about addition and subtraction. In language we worked on retelling stories including important events, characters & setting.

We worked on adjectives in writing when we described Rudolph. We also worked on lists and letter writing.

Have a wonderful, relaxing break with your family. See you next year!



12/19 Party begins at 8:30

12/ 19 Awards at approximately 9:45

School resumes on January 6th

Mrs. Hoelscher's contact information

My conference time is 1:10-1:55

The school number is below, but feel free to text or call me at (512)426-6190 when something important comes up.

Things we've learned so far...

You can reinforce these things at home for review.


Letters (to identify, name the sound & write)

We've learned all letters

Sight words (read & write/spell)

like I the a and see can we to yes no come me with my

Decoding strategies (figuring out unknown words)

point to the words

use picture clues

sound out the word

beginning sound and what makes sense




events in a story (B/M/E)


author's purpose

author's group information in ways to help us understand (informational texts)

making connections to something in the story or another story read


Numbers (identify, build & write) 0-15

Comparing numbers 0-10

Sorting & organizing data

creating graphs

addition/ subtraction

Social Studies

  • why people work
  • needs vs. wants
  • why we have rules
  • community helpers
  • Verteran's Day


  • science tools/ lab safety
  • hand-washing/ germs
  • recycling
  • 5 senses
  • force & motion
  • magnets
  • properties of matter