It's Techie Tuesday!!


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Zaption is a website that allows teachers to create interactive "tours" of videos that enable students to engage with the subject of the video/text in a way that heightens mastery and understanding of the subject matter. It is available as a free app, and website.

Make Direct Teaching Interactive!

Use Caption's "present" mode to allow a whole group to get directly involved in the learning.
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Create Your Own Tour or Choose from Zaption's Lesson Gallery

Zaption has a large gallery of already created lessons organized by subject matter that can be copied, edited and loaded to your lesson page.

If you can't find your subject matter, or have a previous video or text you would like to make interactive, then it is super easy to do that with Zaption.

  • Upload any YouTube video to your Zaption Gallery
  • Begin creating your tour!

Creative Formative Assessment? Use Zaption!

Zaption allows teachers to view student responses and analyze data. Teachers can assess student knowledge and mastery of TEKS and reflect on what action needs to be taken!
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Teachers will see the number of responses... AND... open ended responses will generate a WORD CLOUD to display. AWESOME!!
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Multiple choice questions will display as distribution graph for quick formative assessment.

Let Students Create Tours!

Needing an engaging way to get students talking and discussing. Set up an opportunity for higher order thinking by letting them create tours for their classmates!