Truth Controllers

How technology has allowed truth altering

Is it really ok?

There are several examples that could be used to exemplify how technology has opened a path for manipulation of truth, but lately one of the most concerning ones is the use of photoshop. Mainly affecting women in our society, currently brought to believe that there is a standard for beauty, when there actually is not. It is a serious manipulation of truth because many of the women presented flawless to us are not actually like that, making us believe and even striking for something unreal. Is it really ok to allow that to happen?

"The only truth is: there is no truth." - Unkown

Is it just a camera?

Cameras have become viral, almost everyone posses one, one way or another, regardless of how many pixels your tiny little camera from your old Nokia phone has, it is still a camera and can still record moments or, even more relevant spread them out. With a camera it is easy to make a moment or a scene present something that it actually does not. With the help of softwares such as photoshop to edit and instagram to spread it, it creates a much greater outcome. Celebrities suffer from this the most, being in the wrong moment and the wrong time while being caught by a sneaky photographer with a skilled editor results in a great mess, when situations are not what they appear, but are manipulated in order to sell. So is it just a camera?

"A Lie can travel all around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." - Mark Twain

Is it really harmless?

The thought of taking a picture of a friend during a party and posting it on her Facebook profile seems harmless doesn't it? Well, if you stop and think there could be serious consequences for the person in question, considering that as we saw in the news a while ago Facebook does not actually permanently delete its users content and that nowadays colleges and employers run a search through it's students and employees social network profiles. Nowadays we are led to believe that posting your every move and sharing every aspect of your life isn't just "cool" but normal. The concept of Foursquare that would've been George Orwell's worst nightmare is not only accepted but approved, it's reached over 5 million uploads of people using their phones, computers or tablets to share their location with the world, becoming possible for anyone from anywhere to reach the shared location. This idea of normality in lack of privacy sells, considering it is much easier to convince a teenager that something is "hot" than an adult, as technology improves even further the population as a whole should start to wonder where is the stopping point, is it really harmless?