Don't Become Addicted to Tobacco.

Kill the Cigarettes Before They Kill You.

Statistics of Smoking

Smoking tobacco kills 5 million people each year. In 2009 around 20.6% of all adults were current smokers, that's around 46.6 million people. On average, smokers die 13-14 years earlier than people who don't smoke.Every day in the U.S approximately 3,900 young teens age 12-17 have their first cigarette. An estimated 1,000 of those teens will become addicted. You do the math.

Statistics of Smokeless Tobacco

There is chew, dip, snuff, and much more smokeless tobacco products. The two main types are Chewing Tobacco, and Snuff. Snuff is almost powdered tobacco. Chewing Tobacco is available in loose leaves, plugs, or twists of rope. There is no safe use of tobacco, but some people think that using smokeless tobacco is a helpful way to quit smoking. This is absolutely not true. People can get addicted to smokeless tobacco products just as easily as smoking tobacco. Smokeless tobacco causes all kinds of cancer:oral, esophageal, and pancreatic.

Ways to Quit Smoking or Chewing

To quit smoking:
  • chew gum
  • use patches
  • anti-anxiety meds
  • prescription meds
Keep your hands busy by:
  • knit
  • stress balls
  • puzzles
  • hand held games
Keep your mind busy by:
  • change your daily routines
  • exercise
  • get a new hobby
  • learn a new skill
Instead of chewing tobacco, if you really have

to, just get some jerky chew. I'm positive that it tastes better and

its not nearly as bad for you. And its also a very good source of protein.

By Skyler Saunders