By:Brendan Duffy and Garrett warn

How are they formed

An earthquake is formed at transform plate boundaries. When plates more next to each other they grind causing the shaking effect. This creates earthquakes because as the plates grind next to making vibrations. In situations like the recent one in japan the earthquake was under water causing a tsunami because it was shaking the water around it causing the waves.

Where they happen the most

Earthquakes happen most by plate boundaries. The plate boundaries they are most common at is Transform plate boundaries. This is most common there because the plates are grinding up on each other making the vibrations.

Global impacts

The impacts are not just in the country it hits but it also impacts other parts of the world.the most recent being japan. The earthquake and tsunami in japan hit a nuclear power plant and started to float away objects that had been exposed to radiation. These objects now were floating in the ocean potentially hitting land and exposing people from other countries to radiation.

Japan 8.9 Earthquake/Whirpool/Tsunami-MOMENT OF IMPACT-Rare/Raw/Amateur/News Compilation