Territory of Minnesota

come and live well life in Minnesota!

Reasons to move to Minnesota!

Reasons to move to the territory of Minnesota is the inexpensive land so any body can afford it and have their farm lands with fertile prairies to grow crops and grains. The other reason is the woodland that became a great part of the economic of Minnesota. The industrial possibilities were endless because of the accessibility to the Mississippi River. The most of the immigrants coming to Minnesota on 1850 were from Norway, Sweden, Ireland, and Germany.

Convenient access to Minnesota

Lots of citizens travel to our territory waking or by canoe. Transportation by train from the East coast to the Mississippi River towns such Galena, IL and then boarded Steamboats bound for Minnesota. The boats could run from April to November when the river was clear of ice. Steamboats were among the fastest way to transport people and merchandise along the rivers. They would carry resources and supplies along were the boat takes you. The steamboat could pass by centuries and transport extremely fast! Other ways of traveling are ox-carts and horse-drawn coaching.

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