Help us find Bigfoot


Need To know a little more?

This being has a few common names such as; Bigfoot, Sasquatch and a Yettie. He is 6"11 and his fur is a blackish-brownish.Bigfoot looks much like an ape evenso he is human like in a way. He is known to be strong and of course he has very big feet. Bigfoot has left foot prints found by Jerry Crew in 1958.He has left foot brints from then up to today. If you want to find him look mainly in California. You may also look in Washington, Wyoming, Oregon, and Arizona. An expert on bigfoot says"bigfoot should be put in a zoo and saved."Nobody is really sure when the first sighting of bigfoot is.It goes as far back as the1800's. This research convinces me Big foot exsists because people have been seeing him for more than 2 centries! Please help us in finding this beast.

Go and call 920-132-1444 if you see anything.

This is a matter of knowing.Not money.!

Most popular question ever.

Why do you even hunt if know body even knows if he exists?

BY: Emily Ellison