By: Danna Stefania Gudiño Lasso

History of Netflix

  • Netflix was founded in 1997 in scotts Valley, California by Marc Randolphand and Reed Hastings , who previously had worked together at pure sotware.
  • Randolph initially had the idea to start a company that sells something over the Internet, but just didn't know what. The idea of Netflix came to Hastings when he was forced to pay $40 in overdue fines after returning Apollo 13 well past its due date. Randolph is a successful investor and entrepreneur and was one of the founding CEO of the successful online video and streaming company, Netflix. if you want to know more about netflix you can put click in the next link..
  • the "Netflix revolution" has been given to the display via streaming service, although today the home delivery service is maintained and even adapts and updates, for example, now offers Blu-Ray. It is an activity that aims at low, especially when compared with the rapid popularization of service via broadband connections. Even this service even contemplated in its international expansion into Latin America and Europe

How its work?

The Netflix streaming service works with a player based on Microsoft Silverlight to avoid that the audiovisual content was downloaded, although it also has the option of using a player created with HTML5. When you go to a movie, Netflix preloads a small part of this before to avoid cuts by buffering.

You can find...

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