Jewish Survivors

Overview of Holocaust

During the World War II about 11 million people mostly Jews but also Gypsies, Russians, and poles were murdered and only 11% of the people survived. Nazi dictator Hitler wanted to take over everything, so he thought it would be much easier to blame it on the Jews so that people go on his side.

Definition/Background Information

Jewish Survivors -

Jewish Survivors are people that made it throughout the Holocaust.

The people that made it through the holocaust weren't in such a good shape because most of the time they didn't eat a whole meal and sometimes they didn't eat at all. You had to be lucky to not get caught or discovered by the green Police.

Original Research Question

How did they survived? Resources?

Jewish people rushed to markets, stores, etc. before the green police started searching for the Jewish. Also people got help from people that weren't/were Jewish like the Frank's they got help from Victor Kugler and Meip Gies. The people that helped the Jewish helped by getting all the needs and resources that the family/families need. These people were called "Righteous Gentiles".


"Living a normal life after the Holocaust is an impossible task".

- The survivor


Survivors of the Holocaust