Charlie Hammond

Most people could not have done what Albert Einstein did

Albert Einstein is well known for the theory of relativity, what you probably don't know is that he wasn't the brain in his grade school. He faced a lot of adversity as a child. He was a slow learner who wanted to give up but didn't. He couldn't speak until he was four, and could not read until he was seven, causing his teachers and parents to think he was mentally handicapped, slow, and anti-social. He was expelled from Rotterdam Academy for releasing a rabid skunk into the classroom. Most people who get expelled from school give up but Albert did not.

He stared a new life by playing music and being a comedian and he was successful at it. A lot of people would stay in a job they made money in but Albert wanted to study physics. Einstein stopped playing music and tried to go back to college but failed the entrance exam many times. Most people would stop there but he kept trying. Albert eventually got back into school and started studying physics but was expelled again. People that drop out of school and give up do not become successful. Albert didn't think he would become who he was because of all his failures. The only way that he became successful is because he persevered.

Flight to Success

The Wright brothers are famous for making the first successful flying plane. But it did not happen fast. When Orville and Wilbur of South Carolina were kids, their father gave them a toy helicopter. When they got the helicopter they wanted to fly. Their first step in learning how to fly was building kites. Next they used their knowledge to build gliders. They failed so bad that a close friend died flying one of them. This failure proved they had inadequate knowledge and they needed to learn more. They started to read about aeronautical knowledge of the time. With the eloquent descriptions in Octave Chanute’s book and their observations of birds they made the first successful aircraft. On December 17th 1903, Orville Wright flew in the Kitty Hawk for 12 seconds. Even though the Wright brothers had failures they persevered. Their small success was a great triumph.

Accepting failure

You would think Michael Jordan learned how to shoot when he learn how to walk, he wasn't thought of as the best. His coaches had trouble with his height because he was below the minimum height. This didn't stop him from playing basketball. He was kicked off of his high school team and he kept going with basketball. To prove his coaches wrong about kicking him off the team, he joined a private schools team. Michael worked harder to prove them wrong and fortunately made it into the NBA."I am ready to accept failure. Everyone may accept fail. But I don't want to say that I don't try." ~Michael Jordan


33 miners were trapped under Chile's Atacama Desert and persevered. August 5th 2010, a collapse of the main ramp into the San Jose mine left 33 miners trapped 2,300 feet underground. 130 people started the rescue to find the miners. A note sent up from the mine read, "We are fine in shelter, the 33 of us". A second probe was sent which allowed access for the miners to a supply of food and water. The cause of the 33 trapped miners was the collapsed rock. The affect was them being trapped underground.

Home Run

Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times, which is almost twice as many times as his 714 home runs. Striking out means he failed his job as a batter. Babe held a record for strike outs but became a good player afterwards. "Every strike out brings me closer to the next home run."
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  • 714 home runs
  • 2,503 games
  • 8,399 at bats
  • 1 home run every 11.8 at bats

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