Jackson: Take him or Leave him

Poor White Man

Jacksonian Democracy

Andrew Jackson wanted to let average white men to vote in the presidential election. Then he won the next presidential election because he was a poor white man when he grew up and the other presidents were wealthy. And so average white men voted for him because he was similar to him. That's why he won against John Quincy Adams. John Adams son.

Nullification Crisis

There was a tariff called the Abomination. It was a tax on goods and was very expensive for the south. So the south started to not buy the northern states goods since the the was a expensive tariff. Then Congress put the tariff just a bit lower than the first one. But it was still to much money. So South Carolina threaten to secede form the U.S. Then Jackson said he will send troops. So Jackson created "The force Bill" it was for Jackson to send troops into South Carolina. Then Henry Clay suggest that he would put a lower tariff or Jackson sends in troops. SO they agreed to lower the tariff. Everything was solved for now.

(Positive, Negative, Political Cartoon

Indian Removal Act

Jackson didn't like the Cherokee Indians so he has a act called the Indian Removal Act. The Cherokee Indians were living in Georgia then they had to move them to Oklahoma. There was nothing there live on except for grass and some scrubs. The Supreme Court said that it is not right to do that. Jackson said Screw the Supreme Court keep those savages (Cherokee Indians) moving towards Oklahoma. Jackson had the power to remove the Cherokee Indians form Georgia to Oklahoma.