The Telegraph

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What Samuel F.B Morse did

He was the first person in the world to actually made the Telegraph pole.

How does the Telegraoh work?

The telegraph works by sending messages through telegraph wires to certain places using MORSE Code.

The Purpose for inventing the Telegraph was because....

The Telegraph was invented to send messages to other states within a really short period of time AKA Morse Code (printed with Dashes and Dots).
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First Telegraph

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When was the Telegraph invented?

The First Telegraph was invented in 1835 by Samuel Morse. He wanted to prove that he could send messages through Telegraph poles, so he had a chance to do it. And it worked!

Where was the Telehraph invented?

The Telegraph was invented at New York University.

Why was there a need for Telegraphs?

The reson why we need telegraph poles is because during the late 1800s, we needed to send messages quicker to other states.


The invention of the Telegraph is important to our History because it impacted us because it gave us the ability to text, call, and talk to people without any problems.


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