Types of Mining

Surface and Subsurface- Bailey L and Maleiya L

Surface Mining - Strip, Open Pit, and Mountain Top Removal

Surface Mining is in which soil and rock overlying the mineral deposit is removed.

Subsurface Mining - Slope, Shaft, Drift

Subsurface Mining is the extraction of minerals and ores from underground and consisted of digging shafts into the Earth for ore.


Process of drilling and injecting fluid in'to the ground at a high pressure in Ore to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas stored inside
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Dangers of fracking

Fracking can contaminate groundwater in aquifers and this can cause sensory, respiratory and neurological damage. The waste fluid is left in open puts to release harmful VOCs into the atmosphere. Only 30%-50% of fracturing fluid is recovered, the rest of the toxin is left in the ground.