English 80

Accelerated English

What is English 80?

AvailableEnglish 80 is a fast-paced class that helps you prepare for college level reading and writing BY DOING college-level reading and writing... with LOTS of support. English 80 instructors are trained and ready to work with students at a variety of skill levels. This course will provide you the opportunity to more quickly complete your developmental English courses.

The course is designed to help students become more engaged and active readers and to support writers by providing a wide variety of strategies. English 80 also highlights critical thinking skills and a wide variety of social issues. Vibrant and thoughtful discussions are a key component of English 80 courses.

What do YOU need to do to take English 80?

English 80 has no prerequisites and does not require that you take the English placement exam, so all you need to do is enroll in the college and sign up for the next available English 80 course. They are offered in the Spring and Fall terms during the regular year.

Once you successfully pass English 80, you can enroll in an English 1A (Freshman Composition) course.