Sheldon ISD Tech Tips

May 2017

End of Year Tech Tips

Hi Everyone! Well, it is May and we are officially at the end of the 2016 - 2017 school year. This issue of Tech Tips has some important information about things you can do to close out some of the technology tools you have used this year. If you are changing grade levels, campuses, or even districts, be sure to carefully read the information below!

*NEW* Team Drives in Google Drive

You may have noticed that you can now create Team Drives in your Google Drive. Google Team Drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device.

The difference between a Team Drive and a shared folder in My Drive is that in a team drive, everyone is an owner. This means that if anyone in the team drive leaves the district, all of the documents within the team drive stay.

Archive Your Google Classroom Classes for Next Year

If you use Google Classroom, I know you have put a lot of work into all of your announcements, assignments, quizzes, and more. In order to save your classes and work you created this year, without cluttering up your dashboard for next year, you should archive your classes.

When you archive your classes, they will no longer be visible to the students who are enrolled in them, but they will remain in your Google Classroom under "archived classes." Click the button below for directions on how to archive your classes.

File Ownership

When you create a Google document or a folder under your school account, your email address ( is the account that document or folder is assigned to. Consider this if you are working in shared folders with colleagues. If you leave the district, any shared files or folders you have created will disappear. If you change grade levels, departments, or campuses, you may not need a certain shared folder or document anymore. In this case, if you are the owner of the folder or doc, you should change ownership to someone who should keep it. Then, you can remove yourself from the sharing settings instead of deleting the whole folder. See the video below for further explanation.
Transferring Google Folder/Document Ownership

Google Takeout - Make a Personal Copy of Your Work Documents

A while back we learned about downloading your Drive to your desktop as a way to backup your work and have offline access to it. However, those documents in your Drive (both online and on your desktop) are still connected to your Sheldon ISD address ( If you want to keep a personal copy of all of your work, you should follow the steps in the video below. If you leave the district, your Sheldon ISD Google account will become deactivated and you will not be able to access your documents. Watch the video below for a demonstration on Google Takeout - a great tool that will let you create a personal archive of all of your work. The link that you will need to access Google Takeout is
Google Takeout - Transfer Your Docs to a Personal Account

Save the Date - Camp Awesome 3

Mark your calendars! Sheldon ISD's 3rd annual Camp Awesome will be on June 12, 13, and 14 at the Ney building. You will be able to sign up to attend any or all of the days to attend sessions that will add to your 21st century toolbox. We have new sessions and new prizes this year - you won't want to miss it! Stay tuned for more details. Below are some photos from last year's Camp Awesome.

Annette Clark, M. Ed.

Secondary Digital Learning Specialist