For the week of September 13

Devotion - Our Story

Scripture - Psalm 19

The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork! The Psalmist joyfully proclaims that all creation tells of God and God’s glory. Do we live up to those expectations? Does all we do tell of God’s glory? The song (see below), “My Story” by Big Daddy Weave incorporates words from the magnificent hymn, Blessed Assurance, along with new reflections on what it means to a live a life of praise all the time. The first verse says: “If I told you my story, you would hear Hope that wouldn’t let go; And if I told you my story, you would hear Love that never gave up; And if I told you my story, you would hear Life, but it wasn’t mine.” Each of us and all of us together have a powerful story to tell of hope, love, and life in Christ. Let’s tell that story every day with our lives!

Song: My story, Big Daddy Weave

In our lives: The movie Pretty Woman tells a story of an unlikely couple who find one another through unusual circumstances, but they fall in love and figure out that they belong together. The very last lines of the movie are uttered by a strange man standing on a street corner in Hollywood. He says, “Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream? Everybody comes here; this is the land of dreams. What’s your dream?” An even better question is, “What’s your story?” We all have stories to tell about our lives and our faith. We have stories to tell as individuals and as a congregation. This Sunday, we will be celebrating the ministries of this incredible congregation. We will be sharing and celebrating some of our stories, hearing from Mike Nash, Jim Leonard, Karen Mitchell, Polly Towler, and more! As we kick off our Fall Season, I also pose this question to each of us, and to all of us: What is our story going to be for the Fall? How will we tell of God’s glory?

Fall Kickoff

Join us this Sunday for new opportunities for Bible study and our Sunday school kickoff! Our children are singing in worship! It’s going to be a great day! Join us at 9:45 a.m. for Sunday School and 11:00 a.m. for worship!

PW Haiti Shoebox Luncheon

Everyone is invited to a luncheon following the worship service on Sunday September 27th to put together our

Shoeboxes which will go to children in Haiti. Each year, many children who might have never received

a gift of any kind will have a simple shoebox placed in their hands. Inside these boxes will be school supplies,

personal care items, toys and our special gift of love.

Please go ahead and shop for items to fill these boxes now and bring them to the church in advance so that we will have what

is needed prior to this luncheon. Below is a list of suggested items: School supplies: pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens,

small notebooks, scissors. Personal items: toothbrush, toothpaste, bar soap, washcloth, comb, brush. Clothing: flip-flops,

socks, underpants, t-shirt (no message shirts, please), hair bows. Then use your imagination: jump ropes, puzzles,

small flashlight with extra batteries,a special toy which could include a soft plush, balls, and matchbox cars.

Every item should be NEW and Remember! Everything has to fit snugly inside a closed shoebox.

There is a giant shoebox in the narthex to receive your items. Please shop in advance and then plan to join us for lunch

and to help put these wonderful gift boxes together!

Thank you for your support of this PW project!

Ways to grow at PCR!

We all understand that juggling busy lives and setting priorities is a difficult challenge. But we also know that when we are baptized, promises are made. Parents promise to give their children the opportunity to grow in and learn about God. Congregations promise to support and help those parents and to be a part of those children's lives. We all promise to continually live into our faith, joyfully serving God and always growing as disciples.

We are offering some wonderful opportunities for all ages to grow this fall at PCR. We have some pretty amazing teachers sharing God's Word. Come visit some of our classes and see if there is one that will help you develop a deeper faith. With all the craziness in our world, more than ever, we need to know what God is telling us. I hope to see you at Sunday School!

Some classes for Adults:

Study of the Old Testament - This class is taught by Bob Tate in the Fellowship Hall.

Study of the Book of Romans- This class is taught by Mike Sager in the Bride's Room.

Discussion on Current Events- This class is taught by Ken Towler in the Kitchen

Additional Bible Studies for different ages offered by Pastor Leigh - More information to come!

Children - Every Sunday there are songs, a fun movie, and time to learn about what it means to be a child of God.

Thank you PCR Teachers

Please join us for a light breakfast in the Fellowship Hall to thank our teachers. Take time to let them know that you appreciate the time they take each week to prepare lessons.

Nancy Lumpkin - Nursery

Karen Mitchell - K-2

Jane and Wayne Scott - 3-5

Rebecca Leonard and Steve Blackstone - Middle and High School

Bob Tate - Adults

Mike Sager - Adults

Ken and Polly Towler - Adults

Also, we have several students who are moving up in their Sunday School classes. Congrats to Fisher Mitchell, Anna Marti, and Evan Dorsey!

Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer this week for:

Marilyn Gladue

Brenda Slade, radiation

Jane McMillian

Carleen Corry, recovering from surgery

Margaret Lambert, recovering from surgery

Jean Ghee, under hospice care

Tracy Mask, friend of Carrell Kalland, radiation for a brain tumor

Badertscher family, friends of Carrell Kalland, multiple health concerns in the family

Kelly Stewart, friend of Wallace's, ovarian cancer, going into hospice

Ronald Richardson, son-in-law of Phillip and Betty Williams, health concerns

Stan Stokes, friend of Mike Sager, recovering from bladder cancer

Lillie Curry, aunt of Brenda Gales, diagnosed with colon cancer

Sandra Hancoch, friend of Margaret Lambert, chemo for breast cancer

Elise Hunt, friend of the Corry's in rehab recovering from broken hip

Florine Wade, Linda Moon’s mother, rehab due to a fall

Karen Smith, friend of Margaret Lambert, fighting cancer

Jay Pruehs, former member, diagnosed with sarcoma

Gail Walker, friend of Wallaces, chronic migraines

Sonya, niece of Kenneth Jenkins, fighting breast cancer

Doug Switzer’s daughter, friend of Mike Sager, diagnosed with melanoma

Debra Reeves, friend of Mike Sager, diagnosed with breast cancer

Bob Long, Mary Wallace's brother, on cancer drug and having dialysis

Dot, Faye Kitchens’ sister-in-law, recovering from a stroke

Jay Morgan, nephew of Dan Morgan, Stage 4 cancer

Rev. Penny Hill, cancer treatment

Mollye, relative of Mary Scheaffer, stopping medical intervention

Mya, student of Courtni Mitchell, undergoing chemotherapy

Our neighbors in need who have received food from PCR’S Food Pantry

Shut Ins: Freeman Barber, Gloria Blankenship, Iris Cleland, Louise Hanekamp, Doris Kirby, Jane McMillian, Ray Morgan, Emelyn Sexton, Evelyn Spivey, Hope Woodruff

About PCR

Sunday School- 9:45 a.m.

Worship- 11:00 a.m.

We are a welcoming, caring congregation, strong in fellowship and faithfully committed to worshiping God. Traditional in organization and open in worship, our mission is to share the love of God by serving our neighbors, whether we meet them around the corner or around the world.