Sacrifices Worth the Loss

By: Jasmine Horrach


A railroad might have 4 workers fixing the road and the other railroad has a relative of someone's. A train is coming toward the 4 workers. What does that someone do? Is 4 peoples' lives worth risking for someone's relative? Perhaps it is or is not. This is an example of if sacrificing is worth the loss.

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Sacrificing Freedom

We might sacrifice freedom or an item for something more valuable or accept the consequences and be risky. Incarceron, by Catherine Fisher, is about Finn, a boy who thinks he was born from the Outside which is the world, and his quest out of Incarceron, a live prison that watches everything. Incarceron is actually a very tiny box on Earth. Finn is in chains when the Maestra, a girl who only comes in the beginning of the book, wants to help Finn get out. Finn is supposedly Giles, who was a prince and someone loved by Claudia before he “died”. Claudia is the daughter of the Warden of Incarceron, which is like being the princess of royalty. Claudia was to be married with Casper, a prince. However, even though both of them disliked each other, Claudia wanted to find Giles or learn what happened to him. Claudia wanted to figure out more about Incarceron and if it really was a happy place and had Giles (at the time she didn’t know that Finn was Giles but forgot his past). After risking being caught from her father, Claudia finds a key. Finn was trying to find that key, and eventually finds a duplicate. These keys were communicating devices. These keys could get Finn out. These keys could help Claudia. These keys are worth the loss of being caught in any way. “Freedom is a small price to pay for survival” (97). Finn was sacrificing anything to find freedom. Would Finn rather be in chains and do basically nothing but at least live? Or would he rather risk his life for a future that could be so much better than living in an unfair prison? Finn will go on a wild adventure with Keiro, his oathbrother (someone who is “bound” together), and Attia, a servant of Jormanric’s who is a leader of the Comitatus. Finn will have brief conversations with Claudia but, at that point, any help is big help. Finn will risk his life getting freedom out of Incarceron and Claudia won’t marry Casper. Incarceron demonstrates sacrifices worth the loss.

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The Irish Potato Famine

Immigration in the Irish potato famine showed that people would have sacrificed everything to leave a place that they could no longer live at. A famine is a shortage of food and potatoes were a major food crop that many planted. The reason it was a famine is because of a potato blight. The Irish might had come to the United States to work in factories or later on in war. If they stayed, then they might have not survived.

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

"Eye of the Tiger" represents sacrifice because it represents not giving up no matter what for anything like surviving. It explains to not give up and keep fighting and usually this song is inspirational. Therefore, it connects to Incarceron since Finn won't give up for freedom and the eye of the tiger is like Incarceron and the prey is Finn. Additionally, Finn keeps attempting to Escape. Not giving up can make a big impact on the outcome.

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Sacrificing Identity

People may prove points, even under certain circumstances, give up being his or herself for another or their own identity, and have to choose sides and make deals. A book called Cinder, by Marissa Meyers, is about a cyborg named Cinder that later figures out she is the princess of Lunar, a place on the moon. It is a bit of a twist on the classic Cinderella and is a science fiction or fantasy (depending upon how you interpret the book). Cinder was an ordinary girl who was the daughter of her stepmother and sister to Pearl and Peony. Her stepmother, Adri, sent Cinder to a Letumosis disease place that helps find the cure for it. There in the palace is when she realizes she is Lunar. Before her identity of Cinder (Princess Selene) she was sent to Earth for safety. Cinder must protect herself from others yet wants to help her sister, Peony, from the pandemic Letumosis. Although, at the same time, she is not the only one sacrificing things for others or herself. Prince Kai, heir to the king of Earth, must decide between marriage or war against Lunar queen, Levana. “So what else was she hiding? And did he dare risk finding out? Marriage. War. Marriage. War”(269). Would Kai rather deny the marriage of one who just wants more power? Or fight against strong forces that would damage his country? Queen Levana is building up an army that is still a mystery for what she is going to do with it. Cinder starts to realize that she likes the prince, which would probably change Kai’s decision if she told the truth. However, she could get caught for being a Lunar disguised with a different ID chip, which is basically a person’s identity inside of their skin on the wrist. Cinder sacrificed her identity to keep her safe and Sunto, a boy who was in an early stage of Letumosis, cured from Letumosis with an antidote. Prince Kai is sacrificing the safety of others or the power of the palace. Cinder exposes various ways to give something that is worth it.

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Civil War

In the Civil War, 620,000 men died fighting which is about 2% of the United States population. 535,000 were wounded. People sacrificed to prove points , like being with or against slavery, and show what reality really is. In the Civil War, they did everything they could to help their side. The soldiers risked their lives for their country. Whether being a woman spy or simply serving for their country, many sacrificed things for objects worth the loss.
The Civil War in Four Minutes: The War Between the States

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Sacrficing Everything

Those who care for others could give things away for something new, help those who matter most, and get the smallest possibility to have a unique future. In The Selection by Kiera Cass, there is a girl, America, who was in the caste of Five out of 8 castes where 8 is the lowest conditions and living and 1 are those of royalty. From a chance that could save her family from not having much to a chance that would change her life forever, a single form into the palace can impact everything. Only 35 people are chosen to attempt to wed the prince or princess currently at the palace. This is called the Selection. Before the Selection, America was in love with Aspen for 2 years and Aspen was in the caste Six. However, it is against the law to be in love with another in the Selection when the prince or princess is to fall in love with someone. The penalty is death. America Singer risked her previous life for the slightest odds to help her family and others, which is definitely worth the loss. She became a Three and got paychecks to her family. “By simply filling out a form, I was winning the approval of my family, making Aspen happy, and earning the money that would help Aspen and me get married” (27). America would support her family, make Aspen, who wanted her to go to the Selection, happy, and it would help them get married.Once she figured out she was, out of thousands of applicants, one of the 35, she didn’t like Prince Maxon. But as she met Maxon in the garden, she started to form a bond and slowly like him. Additionally, the girl, in the beginning, thought she was closed up and away from freedom and her family. With everything going on, Aspen suddenly became a guard in the palace. That made him, Officer Leger, an immediate Two. Now America is intertwined between the problem of who will she marry with both Aspen and Maxon. Who would she pick? Someone she met 2 months ago, or someone she met 2 years ago? The Selection presents distinctive ways to sacrifice something that is worth the loss.

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We sacrifice time. Time may be traded for learning, thinking, or entertainment. We use it everyday. Time is a precious thing but usually worth the loss. For example, we might read a book to imagine things, improve grammar, or change word choice we might use.
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This is when I was younger. All three of us used to always do iMovies. We sacrificed time for enjoyment and fun.


We might have sacrificed friendship to prove an important point. It could be the attitude of one. Friendship may be needed to make someone a better person and temporarily, or forever, sacrifice friendship.
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My friend and I were close. However, even in the beginning, she became more and more selfish and had no manners. I had to tell her how I felt. She never understood but we never played again.