Today's Meet

a backchannel conversation

Today's Meet Tutorial

Go to

  • You do not have to login. We'll do that later.
  • Pick a name for a room. This actually becomes part of the URL so keep it simple.
  • You can select how long you would like to have the room open. For now leave it at one week.
  • Click on Open your room.
  • Now you need to share the URL with your students. That's why you kept the name of your room simple. Ex.
  • The teacher should pose a question or comment and have students respond.

Todays Meet Backchannel 2014 Tutorial

20 Useful Ways to Use Today's Meet in Schools

I'll admit I've used Today's Meet as a backchannel. The ideas listed at this site are 'out of the box.' Great ideas!

and here's a few more ideas:


Click on the link to participate in Today's Meet.

One More Assignment

Create a room in Today's Meet with a special purpose. Share the URL with the people you want to collaborate with. The first one who gets a response from someone on the outside while still in my office gets a prize!