Google Classroom in the Library

Using Google Classroom with your Elementary Students

NSLA 2015 Presentation

Ideas for Using Google Classroom to support learning

  • Assigning classroom work (Google Docs, Drawings, Slides, etc.)
  • Sharing videos and links for student use
  • Flipping classroom work
  • Enriching classroom learning
  • Managing and assigning group work
  • Gathering instructional data
  • "Twitter" discussions and group commenting
  • Digital Citizenship practice

Google Classroom Cross-Domain Connection Opportunity

Additional Resources

Lynn Kleinmeyer

Lynn Kleinmeyer is the Teacher Librarian at Titan Hill Intermediate, a 2nd-5th grade building in Council Bluff's Lewis Central School District. Prior to becoming the Teacher Librarian, Lynn taught 7th grade Reading for 13 years in Plattsmouth, NE.