New York Times

Kelsey Weston

Our Boys are Fighting Strong Over Seas!

Although many people are trying to protest the Vietnam war for many reasons. We have thousands of men working to try to keep our country safe. The Vietnam war is something that if not taken care of may could cross the seas and could end up in our backyard. The soldiers that are risking their lives for America need support, no matter how you feel. Support from back home could save lives and help end this war sooner than expected. We need the United States to pull together and fight the get our boys home. America needs to fight with everything we have to bring every last man home.

Cuban Missile Crisis

This was an event that everyone will remember watching on television for 13 days in October. This confrontation for 13 days was between the United States and the Soviet Union about a deployed missile in Cuba. The missile was ballistic and started the United States thinking that the cold war could be turned into a nuclear war extremely fast. It was the closest the cold war came to becoming a full out nuclear war. We in the United States believe that bomb shelters should be made to help protect your family and yourself. You never know when an atomic bomb may strike. The President even said that figuring out a way to protect the people is the best thing we can do. The Soviet Union is playing tricky and we need to be one step ahead of them.