Photo Analysis

Demetrius Dowdy 4th Period 9-21-2015

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Child Labor

This picture basically captures hows dangerous these factory jobs were because the young children could easily be harmed by this heavy, bulky machinery. Today this is still a active world conflict except its on a smaller scale. This affected many american children. Child labor deprived children of there childhood. this also in a way helped poor families out a little by providing little pay.
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The Temperance

This picture is of Carrie Nation. She was one of the most recognized leaders of the Temperance movement. She went to bars singing religious hymns and smashing bottles of alcohol to raise awareness of the ban on alcohol. This raised a lot of attention and awareness.
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Progressive Reformers\ Muckrakers

this image was taken by the famous muckracker Jacob Riis who expose to the wealthy how thier workers live and thier living conditions.
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Triangle Fire

This picture is of 1911 claimed 146 lives. As the building went up in flames workers tried to escape through the doors of the factory which were reconstructed to constrict the traffic flow to prevent theft. This led to many reformations dealing with work place safety and conditions that helped make work or safer.
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The Jungle

This picture was taken by the famous muckracker Upton Sinclair. It shows the poor conditions of the meat factories. This book uncovered and revealed the truth about the US meat packing industry. This led to the operation of the federal meat inspections.