HEI Awareness

Lucas Darnell

HEI Land and Water Impacts

HEI (Human Environment Interaction)

We, Humans, impact our environment in many terrible, harmful ways.

We have wrecked havoc on our land by using WAY too much concrete in cities, roads, etc. this has caused the soil under the said concrete to become very dry and poor of nutrients because it cannot see sunlight or receive water.

We have also destroyed aquatic ecosystems and polluted the water with many harmful substances. This is due to two main things, too much concrete used in the expanding urban areas, and humans habit to be too lazy to throw trash away which gets washed into water sheds when it rains because all the rain runs off of the urban areas.

The Consequences of these actions long term on our planet Earth are, a smaller supply of fish for food, less and less good quality soil for farming, less land for us to live on and much less drinkable water to just name a few.


1-Why does the soil under big cities get dry and deprived of nutrients?

2-What could happen long term if the fish keep dying off?