Old lady scared to death.

local school boy attemted muder.

I will get those little boys!

On the 24th july,four school boys went to buy sweets,but they had a evil plan to get back at mrs pratchett for being so mean everytime they went to buy sweets.

They all went to the sweet shop with a dead mouse in one of the little boys pockets.

When the other boys went to buy lollies ,roald dahl quickly acts and puts the dead mouse into the gobbstopper jar and ran off.The next morning the four boys went past the sweet shop.The sweet shop was closed the sweet shop was never closed.The boys went down to the shop and there was a smashed up all over the floor and the gobbstoppers everywhere and the dead mouse lying on the floor.That morning the boys went to school but the headmaster asked them to line up in there age groups and then mrs pratchett walked out and looked everywhere for the boys that nearly killed her.She walked up and down trying to find the boys she finally found them after a while.When she found the boys they had to follow the headmaster to his office and got the cane.

Mrs pratchett-these little boys shouldnt get away with this!....