Green Angel

By Alice Hoffman

Task #1 - Chapter Summary

The first chapter talks about the characters, the settings and what the story is mainly about. It also tells you what the conflict is. It explains you how Green first fell when her parent never came back home. It shows you how her thoughts and emotions started changing as the time passed by.It also tells you some things she went through and how it affected it her.
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Task #2 - Vocabulary

  • Coax - manipulate (something) carefully into a particular shape or position.
  • Billow - a large undulating mass of something, typically cloud, smoke, or steam.
  • Opal - a gemstone consisting of hydrated silica, typically semitransparent and showing varying colors against a pale or dark ground.

Task #3 - While I Was Reading...

  1. The question i thought about was, what happened to her parents? Because she never says what happened, she just said that they never came back home.
  2. I think what may happen next is that she goes to the city to look for her parents, because she wants to find out what really happened.
  3. As I was reading I pictured her pulling the weeds in the garden because she says she's really good at it.
  4. I made a connection to the world when i read that her parents didn't come back home because theres a lot of people that lose her parents

Task #4 - S.T.E.A.L.

  1. Speech - All along the first chapter she talks about her losing her parents and how it affected her.
  2. Thoughts - She thought that her parents were gonna come back home
  3. Effect -
  4. Actions -
  5. Looks -