John F. Kennedy

By: Suju Shrestha


John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 while passing through Dealy Plaza downtown, Dallas, Texas. He was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. Kennedy said, "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names." I don't think that anyone forgot his Oswald's name. There was a lot of conspiracies about why he was shot. A lot pointed a finger at the mafia. Some thought his speech about "a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy" got him killed.

Harvard University

John F. Kennedy followed a family tradition and entered Harvard University, He lived in Weld Hall as a freshman but, later moved to Winthrop House. Today the rooms he stayed in at Winthrop House are now called the "Kennedy Suite". They are used by the Kennedy School of Government to house guest speakers.

Fun Facts about JFK

  1. Kennedy was scared to run for re-election against Mitt Romney's dad.
  2. He was medically ineligible to the army services
  3. He was obsessed with his weight, and would bring a bathroom scale whenever he traveled
  4. He tried to learn French and even went to his daughter Caroline's teacher
  5. He had been a target for at least four assassination attempts before Dallas


Many voters liked that Kennedy was the young and the polities that were implied, but other voters feared that him being inexperienced made him a bad choice to lead the nation during a hard time. Early compilations during judgement especially the Bay of Pigs fiasco, confirmed the fears of the voters. A difficult cold War climate abroad, bold activists groups, and discouraging economic outlook all were a part that has a negative point of view towards Kennedy. Soon, there impressions changed, statesmanship and some luck led to American success in the showdown over in Cub. Economic problem improved and the power of Southern Segregation finally, slowly, but surly was being worn down by the work of the Civil Rights activists.