It takes a village to raise a child

Aerial King

What is the village?

The saying “it takes a village to raise a child “simply means that the parents are not the only people who help raise a child. This phrase in context of schools can mean many things, but the major meaning is how effectively the village is helping the student become a better student academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. The village is designed to help a person complete a certain task or goal. This mean the students is heavily effected or impacted by their village because it is usually their family, religious leaders, and friends that surrounds them. They will see them almost every day or quiet often. So far as school, the village somewhat determine how students perform in school. In some villages the teacher of the student can be a part of the village. I believe it is good to have a lot of citizens in the village because when a lot of people work together, great things happen. The parents cannot do everything for the child. Sometimes the student have to hear from someone else to gain the information needed to succeed or press forward. A better way to understand the village who’s raising the child is to think that everyone in the village holds an occupation in the student success.

My village

A village of forty-five plus raised me into the woman I am today. It wasn’t until I came to University of Houston I noticed I had a whole team pushing for my success in school. My village included majority of my family, close family friends, former teachers. Even my smaller cousins is considered a part of the village as well, because they were the ones saying “Aerial, we are going to UH too.” I am somebody they can look up to. They knew if I could go to a great university and succeed, they could too. I was hope for them and it impacted my life tremendously. I recognized who my village was when we were separated from each other due to school. I am from Dallas, Texas which is four hours away from here. A trip back to my village will be kind of difficult.

Message to Aerial King before she leave for school. UH

Pierce Family

(Right to Left) Antron, Taylor, and Tyler decided to made a video for me before I left for school, because they couldn't make it to my going away party. This video showed me how my little cousins are also include in my village. We help and appreciate each other.

Some of the Village

In Loving Memories

My aunt Ruby and Nella was apart of my village as well. Just this past January Aunt Ruby passed away. A couple of months before Aunt Nella passed away another valuable member of the village. Before Aunt Ruby left this Earth she told me I would be the best teachers, because everyone child loved me. This is a photo of my grandmother and her sisters. Aunt Ruby is the one at the bottom in the chair and Aunt Nella is to the right of her.
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Seeing the Village work

A small piece of my village helped me move my things to Houston in Fall 2013. I had to move in on a weird day of the week, so not too many people could help. That day four woman in my village helped me move my things. We loaded two cars full of all the things that I thought was important. One was a sliver Volkswagen Beetle, and the other was a green Chevy Yukon. Half way through the trip my Volkswagen Beetle broke down along the side of the rode. Somehow we got the Beetle to the nearest gas station. We called my grandfather the mechanic in the village to help. He headed our way to take my bug back home. The really bad thing about my bug breaking down in the middle of our trip was I had it stuffed with a lot of things and the Yukon was also full. In order for me to make it to Houston, was to move everything that I had in the bug plus my passenger was moved to the full Yukon. I saw my aunties breaking a sweat and doing things woman don’t usually do this day. This exact situation showed me that I had the best village ever they wanted to succeed in school. During this situation I wasn’t the happiest girl, but my aunts helped put a smile on my face. After stuffing everything into the Yukon we finish the ride back to Houston, two hours behind the time. I hope this personal story can help the reader see a visual of a working village helping a student become the best they can be.

To the right is a photo of the Beetle that didn't make it to Houston.

Study Say...

A study focused on family influences and academic outcomes for students found that parents want to help their child succeed academically. The article gives me proof that the village is working along with the student and not against them.


Christenson, S. L., Rounds, T., & Gorney, D. (1992). Family factors and student achievement: An avenue to increase students’ success. School Psychology Quarterly, 7(3), 178-206.


Photos and Video of family members by Aerial King

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