A New Invention That Will Blast Us Into The Future!

By: Lance Gwynn

Dyanmite! For the modern miner!

A new product has been invented called dynamite! Its purpose it to blast the sides of hills and mountains to loosen ore and quickly blast tunnels to extract ore deep inside the earth! Very similar to black powder, yet much faster, stronger and efficient. It will cut your mining time in half! With the power of dynamite, you wont do nearly as much mining with your mere pick. It was invented by Alfred Nobel, an innovative genius with much experience who decided there must be a something more powerful and effective than simple black powder. It will be released soon and a patent is pending that is expected to be patented by next year, 1867.

What Is Dynamite?

Dynamite is a mix of nitroglycerin fluid and silica to create an instantaneously exploding solid that can be used for any application.

Not A Miner? Then Why Buy Dynamite?

Dynamite isn't just great for mining! Dynamite is an effective tool for construction, demolition, and the clearing of land, all safely and quickly. You will save time clearing rocky land with dynamite instead of by hand and plow!

If you are a serious miner or builder, you will go with the latest in technological advancements, dynamite!

The Future Of Dynamite

It is predicted that with the invention of dynamite, many new jobs will be created in construction and mining and the industry will boom, the results good for everyone! The physical labor that our builders and miners do is expected to plummet!Much more ore will be available for processing and creating new technologies and tools. Dynamite, easier, faster, more efficient!