Summer Siemieniak period 1

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Study and rehearse rolls in order to properly interpret the role
  • memorize scripts, lines, blocking and cues
  • attend auditions in order to be casted for a role
  • sing and dance in dramatic or comedic productions
  • use body to interpret emotions, actions, situations, and facial expressions.
  • work with other crew members working on lighting,costumes,makeup, and sound

Wages and hours

Pay Period Low Median High

Hourly $7.31 $11.61 $51.02

Annual $0 $0 $0

Hours Vary by production

Education Needed

Because acting isn't something that needs a real degree, you can be a high school drop out and be the greatest actor.

Though you do need knowledge in certain things to be a good actor/actress.

  • English language
  • Fine arts
  • Psychology
  • Communications and media
  • Sociology

So taking classes involving these in college would be a really good idea, regardless of if you need a degree or not.


  • Speaking
  • Active listening
  • Reading comprehension
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Critical thinking
  • Self monitoring
  • Coordination
  • Judgement and decision making
  • Time management
  • Active learning
For Good - WICKED the Musical

Job Growth

Employment (2010)

67,000 employees

Projected growth (2010-2020)

* Slower than average (3% to 9%)

Projected job openings (2010-2020)


Into The Woods part 1 - Prologue

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