"Primavera Eternal"

Intro to Ecuador

Ecuador is a very interesting country! It has many historical sites to visit and enjoy with your family and friends. Ecuador is about 109,483 miles squared. That's a lot of land! Amongst that land there are around 15.74 million people. The most dense area of the land is the west coast. There is a beach and even some tropical journeys here and there! In the month of September there is only one holiday, the September Equinox. We hope you come to visit us soon!
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Historical sites to visit!

~Galapagos islands (a long chain of volcanic islands)

~Otavalo market (a market with many of Ecuadorean traditional items)

~Montañita (a luxurious beach with many fun-filled things to do)

~Tropical journeys in nature


  • Ecuador lies directly on the equator.
  • They get 12 hours of direct sunlight everyday.
  • Where you are in the country will highly determine the weather.
  • Population is 15.74 million!
  • The currency is the United States dollar.