Abstinence helps you stay healthy physically AND mentally

What is Abstinence and Postponement

Abstinence means the avoidance of sexual intercourse as well as any genital contact between people. It also means that a person chooses not to have any kind of sexual activity that leads to exchange of body fluids.

Postponement is the decision of waiting until you are of age, have a serious long term partner, and have a serious conversation and mutual understanding that both of you are ready before you engage in any sexual acts.

Strategies for staying abstinent

You can have a relationship even if you are abstinent, in fact youth studies show that relationships that involve no sexual intercourse have a higher chance of becoming long term relationships instead of sexual relationships.

Also there are many ways to express intimate feelings for one another in non-sexual ways.

Benefits for staying abstinent

Abstinence is the only 100% way to be protected from STI's. Abstinence in youth relationships also leads to more happier and longer lasting relationships.