By: Jaydn Richardson

Theme 1

During war, people will either succeed or perish, depending on how they handle the situation at hand. You could either try to survive alone, or survive together as a TEAM. Elie and his dad had great teamwork. They worked together by sharing rations, supporting each other, and tricking the Nazi's into beleiving they were not the age they were. If the Nazi's were to find out, they would most likely be killed, it's GAME OVER. Teamwork helped them survive.

Theme 2

Starving people become selfish and greedy with their food and other things. They don't have much, so they want to make sure no one else takes their stuff and they have enough to eat for themselves to survive. Elie turned selfish and didn't want to share his food with his sick father, but he did anyway. To him, it felt like he was throwing his food away. He was even thinking about taking his dad's rations, because someone told him to. Starving people became selfish during the Holocaust to survive.

Theme 3

During the Holocaust, people were dehumanized because of their culture. German's decided the Jews weren't like them, because they lived in their own society and in an area called a ghetto. They were "Jews" not "French" or "German", even though they were French Jews, or German Jews. They were dehumanized by being shaved, locked up, and treated poorer than animals. Many people were dehumanized during the Holocaust.