Croswell Lexington Middle School - March 2023


Be advised that on 10/17/22 the board of education moved to change our remaining scheduled "Late Start" days, to what will now be "Early Release" days. Dismissal on those days will be at 12:45. Breakfast and lunch will be available on those days as they are on regular school days. The REMAINING dates are: 3/15/23, and 5/10/23.
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Principal's Message

Pioneer Families,

The days are getting longer, and the weather is getting milder with spring on it's way. For whatever reason, this time of year always seems to start feeling like we're going at warp-speed. There are so many awesome things on the horizon, and our staff and students are ready for it all!

This past month we finished up our second round of NWEA testing at CLMS. As an entire school we are engaging with our data in a more direct way. You may have noticed that your student now has a card on their Chromebook for tracking their data and their goals. I encourage you to converse with your child on what their RIT score means, and give them incentives and praise at home for working toward their goals. We intentionally had our students put them on the inside of their Chromebook understanding that it's for them, and not for everyone. If they'd like to flip the card over and write a note of inspiration/encouragement to themself, that is welcomed. While I join many of you in wishing there were fewer tests, my thought is, if we are going to do it, we might as well do it well and be engaged with it.

In more exciting news, we were happy to host our 7th and 8th grade dance. Since my first day here, I have been asked by students to, 'bring back' dances. I hope we can keep adding social opportunities for the kids like this one. It's so important for the kids to engage with one another in face-face settings as opposed to online. Thank you to the PTO for the hard work in planning and facilitating such a fun afternoon. Also, thank you to those who volunteered their time to chaperone.

We also wrap up our Winter Athletic season this week, and are delighted to have the chance to showcase the Arts through "The Music Man Jr." The kids have been working hard, and are geared up for a weekend full of great performances. Their flyer is attached to the bottom of the newsletter. I encourage you to attend if you can.

Our Band Director Mr. Czarnik will be taking our students to showcase their skills at the Band Festival on March 4th (moved from last week) in Swartz Creek. They do a great job, and we are very proud of our band students. I also know that recruiting and committing for band in 2023-2024 school year will begin this month. If you are interested in joining band, make sure you keep an eye out for that opportunity.

March at CLMS is going to be coined, "Motivation March". Our PBIS team has worked up some incentives to keep our students engaged with their learning and their academic obligations. This will include a PBIS reward day on the March 24th half day, and a March Madness bracket contest. The main goal is to address the need for continued commitment to getting school work completed in a timely fashion, and treating everyone with respect and decency.

With less than twenty instructional days until Spring Break, we are happy to partner with all of you in keeping our kids focused and driven toward their goals and aspirations. Time really will fly by in the next few months. I'll do all that I can to keep things positive and productive for your kids at CLMS. Go Pioneers!

Yours in Education,

Brad Robbins

CLMS Principal

7th & 8th Grade DANCE

Student of the Month: Eliza Thompson

Ms. Hannah Ferguson was kind enough to attend the board meeting to recognize Eliza. She said, "Eliza comes to class ready to learn each day and works hard to get everything done. She is helpful to her classmates and friends, is never afraid to ask questions, and will laugh when I attempt to be funny. Eliza is dedicated, honest, hardworking, and an overall pleasure to have in class. She is deserving of all of our recognition and I am proud to be one of her teachers. Congratulations Eliza!"

All of Eliza's teachers took the time to say wonderful things about her, and she is truly deserving of the honor.

Eliza was honored at the January 16th board meeting where he was given a certificate of commendation along with a gift card from Jersey Mike's!

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Identifying Everyday Dangers in the Lives of Youth Event

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Principal: Mr. Brad Robbins

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Tina Gordon

Assistant Principal: Mr. Ryan Eugster

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Katelynd Watson

Counselor: Ms. Amanda Brown

Social Worker: Mrs. Victoria Simon

Counseling Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Jillian Kirkpatrick


SCHOOL HOURS - The school day begins at 8:06AM and ends at 3:00PM

HALF DAYS FOR STUDENTS - Dismissal at 11:15

EARLY RELEASE DAYS - The school day begins at 8:06 and ends at 12:45PM.

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES - October 18 (12PM-3PM), October 20 (4:30PM-7:30PM)

March 9 (4:30PM-7:30PM)

ARRIVAL PROCEDURE - Doors will open for students at 7:40AM. All students will enter door #5 in the morning. Students in grades 7 and 8 will wait in the West/Gym hallway for release to class at 7:58AM. Students in grades 5/6 will wait in the cafeteria for release to class at 8:00AM.

DISMISSAL PROCEDURE - All regular school days will have a 3:00PM dismissal. Students will exit doors #4 and #5 at the North/Rear parking lot area. Please be kind and gracious when entering and exiting our parking lot for the safety of all.

CALLING IN AN ABSENCE - Please make sure that you call in your student whenever they'll be absent from school. You can call and report the absence at 810-679-1410. When you call please include the Date, Student Name, Parent Name, and the reason for the absence.

Absences that are called in by a parent/guardian are considered excused absences but would still count toward the overall number of absences for the semester.

Absences that are supported by a doctor's note, or court-related absences will not count toward the overall number of absences for the semester. This documentation should be provided to the office within 48 hours of the absence.

OFFICE VISITORS - We aim to be a supportive place for our families to interact with. We will be phasing out the use of the drop off window beginning October 10th. So, if you are heading to the school to drop something off, you'll need to be buzzed in and deliver things to office personnel that way. Having said that, please assist us by helping your child prepare for school each day so that we keep visits/traffic reserved for those urgent, and elevated needs. We also may be able to save you a trip if you call first, and seek out important information that we can offer you digitally.

CHARTWELLS FOOD SERVICE - Breakfast is FREE for all students for the 2022-2023 school year. If a student wishes to have breakfast, they must eat prior to the 8AM bell. Lunch is back to the traditionally purchase lunch program. Student meals for 2022-23 are $2.75. If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, please fill out the linked form.

SKYWARD/BRIGHTSPACE - Please be sure to check your student's skyward and brightspace often. This is one of the best ways that they school will communicate with you about grades/progress. We will always do our best to reach out in additional ways, but parents should check these items daily to promote academic well being. We are partners with you in tracking your student's progress. Many teachers will update grades daily, but at a minimum you can find accurate and updated grades every Monday by 12pm


  • Progress Report 1 - October 7, 2022
  • Marking Period 1 Report Card - November 4, 2022
  • Progress Report 2 - December 9, 2022
  • Marking Period 2 Report Card - January 20, 2023
  • Progress Report 3 - February 16, 2023
  • Marking Period 3 Report Card - April 6, 2023
  • Progress Report 4 - May 6th, 2023
  • Marking Period 4 Report Card - June 7, 2023

Appreciation Days/Weeks

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Social Emotional Learning

CLMS Families,

We are excited to begin incorporating some Social Emotional Learning opportunities through Navigate360. I have linked their resource page here for you so that you can explore what it is all about. I will also let you know when I have loaded our lessons to students or what the topic will be, so that you can review it prior to the day of facilitation. At this time I have opened lessons for the month of December. You may access the exact lesson through your child's account and review them if you would like to.

Research has shown that there is an identified need for students to explicitly practice how to build positive and healthy relationships with one another. These programs will be one of the ways that we can help students to identify and regulate their emotions, and create a more fulfilling school and life experience. The overall objective? Whole child development.

The topics that we'll be going over this year at CLMS are linked HERE

From my perspective as a parent and as and educator I truly believe in the importance of whole child education through SEL pathways. In my purview these facilitated conversations and reflections should model fundamental norms and values that exist in our community. I want all parents to know that we are always going to be committed to decency, respect, and wellness for all of our stakeholders.

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