ConnectED/ALEKS Updates

Secondary Math

Courses in ConnectED Accounts

Most of the errors with ConnectED have been resolved. You should now actually see a textbook for each section you are assigned in Infinite Campus.

The next thing to do is rename these sections to something that makes more sense to YOU. Please download the PDF below to find out how.

Please check your Clutter folder in your email program. Some newsletters and district-wide emails may have gone to this folder.

For the last Newsletter, which contains links to Tuesday's sessions, click the link below:

ALEKS info

ALEKS is not accessed through Clever. Instead, you will go to and enter your login and password.

We will be completing a bulk upload for the new school year somewhere around Sept 1 or 2.

Here is what that entails:

  • If you are a teacher who moved to a new building, you will get a new account
  • If you are new to the district, you will get an account
  • All courses will be created for you and students will be enrolled in them during this process

After this initial upload, teachers can move students into new Ohio and CCS aligned courses.

New this year: High school courses have been created with objectives by book chapter. Your ALEKS class will follow the Scope and Sequence as it appears in the Clear Learning Target. You can choose to set required dates of completion or leave all objectives open for students to progress from one to the next as he or she is ready to move on (recommended). Or, you can turn off the objectives and have the course work as normal.

Middle School courses are already fairly well-aligned to Ohio's standards and the CCS Curriculum. Teachers can setup objectives if they wish but additional content does not need to be removed.

For more information, be sure to visit our guide here: