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What Is the False Self?

The false self is all the things we pretend to be and think we are. It is the pride, arrogance, title, costume, role, and degree we take to be ourselves. It’s almost entirely created by our minds, our cultures, and our families. It is what’s passing and what’s going to die, and it is not who we are. For many people this is all they have - but all of it is going to die when we die.

When we buy into the false self and over identify with it, we have to keep overidentifying with it, defending it, and promoting it as “the best.” We have to undercut the illusion right at the beginning, and when we do that, we discover the True Self “hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:3). Our True Self in God becomes our touchstone and absolutely levels the playing field. It gives us a new set of eyes.

We each have different faces and different colors of skin; some of us have hair, some of us don’t; some are tall, some are a little shorter. If we are living out of the false self, all we can do is measure, compare, evaluate, and label. That’s what I call dualistic thinking, and it’s where our world lives. Many people think that all they have are these external costumes - but when we put on the eyes and mind of Christ, we have a new pair of glasses. We can look around and know that the world is filled with infinite images of God. Isn’t that a nicer world to live in? It’s the ultimate political-social critique.

I hope we’re all moving in the direction of knowing who we really are, letting go of our preoccupation with how we look or measure up. As we come to a deeper acceptance of our True Self, we know our identity comes from God’s love, not from what other people think or say about us. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to present our best face; in fact, my mother would be disappointed if she thought I were saying otherwise. We just can’t take any of it too seriously.

Adapted from Richard Rohr, Immortal Diamond

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Hi Everyone,

A longer reflection from Richard Rohr. He challenges each of us to take another look at ourselves. When we Make Jesus Real we have that opportunity to engage with his thinking.

It has been a big and beautiful week this week. As noted in last week’s newsletter, plenty of interesting and diverse opportunities have been evident and have been embraced by our children, and I would like to thank our team for making these opportunities available to them.

We welcome more former students to school to undertake their work experience/Christian service. Today we were joined by a number of students from Newman College, and Iona college, and next week several students from John XXIII will be here. We are delighted to welcome them back!

Mass on Tuesday to celebrate the Feast of our Lady was led by our Year Four children and their teachers Misty and Sophie. It was intended to be a whole school mass, but just Years 4-6 attended as the rain made it difficult to get down there! The Year Four children were reverent and led well. We thank Father Peter and the parish for always making us welcome, and we thank Music specialist teacher Michelle Kirwan and her choir for leading us beautifully. The singing was so good!

Next week sees the ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools - an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement) Science assessment take place and we wish every child entering the very best of luck.

The upper primary chess competition organised by Holly Butson in the library has seen some fierce and sustained competition. It is a big deal and, again, all those involved are to be congratulated for giving of their best.

Book Week Parade and Musica Viva Concerts take place next Friday, yahoo!

Have a great weekend


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Friday 25 August

  • Book Week Parade 8:55am

Friday 25 August

  • Musica Viva Concerts
  • PP - Yr 3, 12:10 -1pm & Yr 4 - 6, 2 - 2:50pm

Friday 1 September

  • Pre primary Assembly

Friday 1 September

  • Father's Day Breakfast 7.30 - 8.45am


We now have one of every size for all uniform items in "Store 2" in the office. If you would like your child to try before you order online, you are welcome to come in.

School Fee Statements

An updated Fee Statement was sent out earlier this week to those families with a current account balance remaining. If you have fully paid your fees you would not have received one. A reminder that it is a school requirement for your annual fees to be fully paid by the 30 November 2023. Please contact the office of you have any queries.

Making Jesus Real

Our MJR award winners for Week 5 are Elsie B and Remy I. They are recognised for displaying the MJR values at Holy Rosary on a daily basis. They displayed kindness and compassion to those around them. Congratulations!!

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Merit Award Recipients - in class

These are some of the who students were absent last week at assembly, and received their merit awards in class this week. Congratulations!

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Musica Viva Concerts

Musica Viva is visiting Holy Rosary next week. We are so excited to welcome Timmy and the Breakfast Band who will be performing on Friday 25 August in the Gym. Our Junior Concert (PP-Yr 2) is on at 12:10pm and Our Senior Concert (Yr 3-6) is on at 2pm. All Holy Rosary classes have been working on the music and movements that form part of the concert and everyone is very excited about Timmy coming to Holy Rosary. Parents are encouraged to be part of the audience on Friday and join in the fun that is Musica Viva.

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Performing Arts Music Festival

Congratulations to all the students from Holy Rosary School who participated in the Performing Arts Music Festival this year. It was enjoyed by all. A big thanks to our Year 4-6 Choir for all their hard work and a special mention to our soloists.

Year 4
Luca J

Year 5

Kenzie A

Olivia M

Ashlee N

Owen N

Isobel O

Year 6

James F

Oliver F

Zixuan Z


Next week is Book Week!! The library is filling with student art, and excitement is building as we start to discuss our costumes!! The main event is our Book Week Parade on Friday on the courts (weather permitting) at usual assembly time (8.55am). Students are encouraged to wear costumes put together with items they already have at home. Parents are most welcome to come to the parade and then view the art in the library afterwards. Thanks for your support of Literacy at HR and your assistance in making Book Week the successful week it is. Full program of events are below.

Mrs Butson

“All children, except one, grow up.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

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Today is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. In library sessions this week we spoke about bullying and keeping ourselves and our friends safe. You may wish to look through some resources here and open up discussions at home specifically about online safety as many of the students confirmed that they game with people they do not know ie strangers.


We ended our sessions with a different type of mindfulness involving focussing on bubbles. I spoke about how focussing on moving tree leaves, or clouds, etc and counting down from 10 helps to move big feelings back to comfortable ones and helps to bring us back to the present and use kind words and actions. You can watch the bubble mindfulness here.


Holly Butson


Our wonderful volunteers this week

Even Aunties volunteer to put a smile on their niece’s and nephew’s faces! Also Mum’s just back in the workforce from Maternity Leave!

Thanks this week go to Belinda, Christina, Courtney, Erin, Giselle, Janine and Zoe!


Did you know most State Government departments offer their employees two, paid days of Community Involvement Leave each year?

These days could be utilised well to help in the school canteen without having to use one of your precious annual leave days! Working in the canteen is also a great way to meet other awesome parents and see the kids smiles at lunch time.

To join the canteen fun (it is not hard or scary) please email admin@hrs.wa.edu.au or text Leanna on 0414 953 958.

Online Ordering: https://quickcliq.com.au/

Monday 21 August: S Twomey, B Radalj

Wednesday 23 August: K Glew, R Cosentino

Friday 25 August: J Brown, C Miraudo, T Parnell, A Julian

Wednesday Soup: Broccoli

Free Nasal Rapid Antigen Tests

Free Nasal Rapid Antigen Tests - 5 per family, parents/guardians to collect from outside admin.
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Father's Day Breakfast

Calling all Holy Rosary Dads to save the date!

Friday 1 September

7.30 - 8.45am

Holy Rosary Upper Oval

Book Here

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Signing up for the entertainment book not only unlocks savings on your favourite restaurants, fast food faves, holidays, outings and much much more, but 20% of the proceeds of sale also come directly back to the P&F to support Holy Rosary School.

Please use link above to purchase direct through the Holy Rosary fundraiser site, and feel free to share with your friends and extended community!

Discovery Kids runs the before and after school care at Holy Rosary School.

  • Five days a week during term time
  • Vacation Care during school holidays.
  • Available for children attending Kindy through to Year Six


Our Lady of the Rosary Parish

Parish Office - 9446 2055

Father Peter Hoang OP - 0412 445 199

Email: doubleview@perthcatholic.org.au

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2023 Term Dates and Student Free Days

Term 3 - Wednesday 19 July - Friday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 9 October - Friday 8 December

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