The Moon and Tides

By: Scott Smith

How they work

Neap tides occur when the moon is at first-quarter or third-quarter phase, they are right in between high tide and low tide. Spring tides occur when the moon is in its full-moon or new-moon phase,they are higher than high tide or lower than low tide.
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There are eight phases of the moon.New-moon, waxing-moon, first-quarter, waining-moon, full-moon, another waxing-moon, last-quarter, and another waining-moon.
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The moon and tides relate to each other because the moon has its own gravitational pull on Earth. The moon pulls on the Earths oceans and this creates tides.
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pradicting th patterns

were able to predict the patterns of the tides on Earth because technology has advanced since the moons pull on the oceans were first discovered, and we've gathered more information.
If the moon wasnt here then there would be only a spring tide lower than the lowest low tide. There would be no  gravitational pull on the oceans.
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