Chinese Schools of Thought


 -Stable societies are built on LI. (Proper Behavior)-Respect older people (elders) and traditions.   -“Do not do to others what you do not wish yourself.” (Golden Rule)-His sayings are written in The Analects.     -Government officials have to pass exams to prove they understand these principles. -HAN Dynasty -Rulers should lead by example. Inferiors should obey.  -There are five relationships in society one should honor.-Belief in Filial piety (respect for parents)


 -Harmony comes from balancing opposites forces of ying and yang-They reject conflict; they prefer to give way-to yield like water.    -People should live in harmony with nature. -The best government governs the least. -The book is “The Way of Virtue.”


 -Strong government deters violence.-Used to force people to work on government projects such as the Great Wall.-The nature of man is evil; strict rules are needed for order.  -QIN Dynasty-Greed is the cause of most conflicts.


 -Meditation is important in promoting peace.  -Right actions and Right Speech lead to Nirvana. -Diffused to China via the Silk Road.-Monasteries became centers of learning.