Luz Johnson: Raising a World Changer

Luz Meraz-Johnson: Raising a World Changer

Raising a World Changer

There is nothing that we can do to the glory of God that is not of God first. Raising a child is an honor that we often take for granted. But, what would happen if we allowed God to raise our children, while He allowed us to partner with Him in the process? It is through the heart of children that we can be the closest to God, yet we fail to see the beauty in our children and what He has called them to be. What if we walked into their God-given dream with them instead of getting in the way? Looking back I had started praying for Matthew before he was even born. I prayed that he would love God passionately, speak for those without a voice, and befriend the homeless person none would look at. From a very young age it was evident that Matthew was different, and as parents we chose to be different too. At the age of four, Matthew would ask me for something he could give to the homeless person we would see as we were walking. This type of thing happened so often that it became a part of life for us.

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Who is Luz Johnson?

Professionally, Luz is a Financial Advisor, but makes time to volunteer and commit to Socks from The Heart, the organization that Matthew founded in 2010. As his assistant she takes Matthew to his speaking engagements, finds businesses, schools, churches, or other organizations that would like to partner with “Socks” and then gathers and distributes the socks to homeless shelters, or directly to the homeless.

As of 2014 Socks has received and donated over 23,000 and is in the midst of finishing up the 6th annual SOCKtober drive with an estimated 7,000 more to donate.

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