Kindergarten News You Can Use

October 6, 2017

Events to Remember

October 9

Columbus Day- no school

October 12

Last day to turn in Laps for Learning Donations

October 13

Dad's Club Movie Night

October 17

Panera Bread Spirit Night (1804 Precinct Line) 4-8:00pm

October 20

Kindergarten Field Trip to pumpkin patch

October 23-27

Red Ribbon Week

October 25

Unity Day- wear orange

Kindergarten T-shirts

Your child's kindergarten t-shirt was sent home on Thursday, Oct. 5th. The teal colored shirt is our grade level shirt. The first opportunity to wear this shirt, as a grade level, will be on our first field trip! Please help your child remember to wear this shirt on Friday, Oct. 20th. Thank you!

Hall's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

On October 20th, Kindergarten is going to Hall's Pumpkin Patch. We will enjoy the corn maze, a hay ride, visiting farm animals and lunch at Kidsville.


  • Need to wear closed-toed shoes.
  • Need to wear their new teal colored Kinder shirt and appropriate clothing for the weather.
  • Need to bring a lunch with a drink. Please provide an extra drink with their lunch. Label everything, please. A small bottled water will be provided for each student at the farm.
  • Must bring their lunch to school with them so that we know everyone has one. If your child arrives without a lunch, a sack lunch will be ordered for them from the cafeteria and charged to their account.
  • Are expected to stay with their class and/or group at all times.
  • Will be escorted to the portable bathrooms and supervised by either a Bransford volunteer or classroom teacher.


  • Teachers have sent out sign-ups for volunteers. Please complete this by Monday, Oct. 16th if you plan to be a chaperone.
  • A background check must be completed before being considered to be a school chaperone. If you have not been cleared to participate, you will be notified.
  • Be prepared to pay your own entrance fee in cash when you arrive. The cost will be between $5-10 depending on what activities you'd like to join with us.
  • Need to bring a lunch including a drink if you plan to attend Kidsville and join us for lunch and playground time.
  • Are encouraged to carpool. Arrive at 8:30 a.m. Check with your child's teacher to see if you need to meet in the classroom or in the back parking lot. You may want to follow the school buses to the pumpkin farm and then to Kidsville Park. Here is the location for Hall's Pumpkin Farm:
  • Bring a black Sharpie with you (or get one from your teacher) so we can write names on the bottom of kids' pumpkins.

Flexibility is the key to a successful field trip. If mother nature does not cooperate, the farm will attempt to reschedule the field trip.

All students are required to ride the school bus to the farm. All students are required to ride the school bus back to school.

On Time

We know that some mornings are difficult but please do your best to make sure that your child is at school in plenty of time to make it to the classroom, do their morning chores and be seated before the second bell rings. When students come in late, other students are distracted and learning is disrupted for all of the children, including the late one.

Library Days

Mrs. Hendry's class and Mrs. Romo's class go to the library on Tuesdays.

Ms. Allenbaugh's class and Mrs. Ryan's class go to the library on Wednesdays.

Bransford Kindergarten Teachers

Ms. Allenbaugh

Mrs. Hendry

Mrs. Romo

Mrs. Ryan